GPS Tracker Mini

Description - top

GPS Tracker Mini - Visualization of Geo data from a GPS tracker or a cell phone with GPS. On the map you can see the path and other data. It is possible to search points by time. It supports open source applications for Android and IOS: Traccar Client, GPS Logger, 365gps (ZX612). You can track the location of your car, childrens, elderly relatives, pets, etc.


  • Show geo points on the map.
  • The ability to switch maps: Google Maps, Google satellite, OpenStreetMap, Yandex.Map.
  • Search geo points by date and time.
  • The ability to switch the geo data sources (account).
  • Password protection.
  • Display data from GPS tracker: time, speed, battery charge level.
  • Servers management (now only one 365gps server).
  • Easy to install and configure.
  • Responsive design.
  • Open code source.

File structure - top

  • classes/ - PHP controllers
  • config/ - Configuration files.
  • css/ - Style files.
  • js/ - JavaScript source code files.
  • lib/ - JavaScript libraries.
  • schema/ - XML schema for tables in database.
  • sql/ - SQL files for tables in database.
  • templates/ - templates.
  • vendor/ - PHP libraries.
  • index.php - The index application file.

System requirements - top

On web-server must be installed:

OS Windows, Linux or Mac OS

Apache or Nginx, PHP 5.3+ or PHP 7.0+

Installation and configuration - top

  1. Unpack the archive to root folder on the server. You can create subdomain for this application.
  2. In text editor open file: /config/app_config.php and change settings (follow comments).
  3. Create a MySQL database and load data from a file "/sql/default.sql".
    Edit database connection settings in "app_config.php".
  4. In your browser open URL of your site.

    Setting up the application is finished. Now you can install the application on your mobile phone (see below) and track objects.

Installation and configuration mobile applications. - top

Application "GPS Tracker Mini" supports the following mobile applications with open source code:

Traccar Client for Android, Traccar Client for iOS, Traccar Client for Android (hidden version)
Traccar Client for Android, Traccar Client for Android - hidden version, Traccar Client for Android - source code, Traccar Client for IOS - source code

GPS Logger
GPS Logger for Android
GPS Logger for Android, GPS Logger for Android - source code,

Traccar settings

  • Install and start application.
  • Open "Server address" and enter the your server address.
  • Open "Server port" and enter "80".
  • Open "Frequency" and enter the frequency of sending geodata in seconds.
  • You can set "Account identifier" - any number of objects for separation.
  • Now press "Start" and go to section "Status". Here you can monitor the operation of the application.
    Please read below about setting GPS.

GPSLogger settings

If you for some reason do not like the application "Traccar" you can use "GPSLogger".

  • Install and start application.
  • Press on the menu and select "Logging details".
    Turn on the "log to custom URL".
  • Then enter the address of your server (look screenshot)

    You can add parameter "&account_id=[ACCOUNT_NAME]" to record data to separate accounts. Replace "[ACCOUNT_NAME]" to your account name.

  • Go to "Perfomance" and update "Time before logging".

    You can enter any time in seconds.
  • Now press "Start Logging".
    Please read below about setting GPS.

GPS settings

For greater accuracy of GPS is recommended to switch off function "A-GPS".

On the your Android device go to "Settings" -> "Location access". Enable "Access to my location" and "GPS satellites".

Press "GPS satelities" and switch off "A-GPS" and "GPS EPO".

Now GPS may take longer time to run (about 5 minutes), but to determine the position of the place will be more accurate.

Servers managements - top

You can select "Server" in main menu. After that, you will be taken to the server management page.

365gps - Server supported ZX612 GPS tracker (other is not tested). You can buy this device on AliExpress:

To configure the device, follow the instructions. You need to send SMS messages to change the server and port. You need to use the port 8002.
Example SMS message:
Change the frequency of sending data to the server (every 20 sec.):

Update version - top

Update to version 1.3:
Unpack archive. Copy and replace all files and folders except the folder /config/ to your work directory.

Used libraries - top

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